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Insurance Virtual Assistants: How They Can Benefit Your Agency

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

An insurance virtual assistant, or VA, is a remote worker who provides support to your insurance agency. Unlike official agency employees, VAs are typically individual contractors or employees of other companies that lease them to your agency. They may live overseas in countries like Mexico, the Philippines, or India, where there is a large pool of experienced talent for virtual assistant companies to recruit from.

Graphical representation of tasks handled by insurance virtual assistants, including data entry, telemarketing, and new business issuance.
A comprehensive overview of the top tasks that an insurance virtual assistant can perform to boost your agency's productivity.

The cost of hiring an insurance virtual assistant varies depending on their responsibilities. For an entry-level VA from a reputable insurance VA firm, the average monthly cost for full-time work ranges between $1800 - $3000. The location of your VA will also affect the cost, as the cost of living and expenses vary by country.

There are many benefits to using an insurance VA, such as their ongoing training programs that teach them the same technology platforms used by insurance agents. This allows you to hire pre-trained workers who are familiar with your agency management system and CRM. The benefit of not having to recruit and train new staff is a significant advantage.

Here are the top 10 tasks an insurance virtual assistant should be able to perform in your agency, from easiest to most challenging:

1. Data entry/migration/reconciliation into your AMS/CRM

2. Underwriter warm-transfer

3. Pipeline management

4. Endorsement processing

5. Email inbox management

6. New Business and Renewal quote preparation

7. Payment processing

8. Phone receptionist

9. Telemarketing cold leads/appointment setting

10. New business issuance

Overall, an insurance VA can be a valuable asset to your agency, providing support and handling tasks that would otherwise take up significant amounts of time and resources. Interested in learning more about how virtual assistants can revolutionize your insurance agency? Don't miss our other insightful articles on maximizing efficiency, leveraging cost-effective strategies, and unlocking the power of bilingual virtual assistants."


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